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Journal of Library and Information Science in Agriculture ›› 2022, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (6): 50-60.doi: 10.13998/j.cnki.issn1002-1248.22-0069

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Impact Mechanism of Information Service Supply on Entrepreneurship Performance under Rural Revitalization

WANG Jian1,2, GAO Feng3,*, FENG Jianzhong1   

  1. 1. Agricultural information institute of CAAS, Beijing 100081;
    2. Key Laboratory of Agri-information Services Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Beijing 100081;
    3. Economic and Social Forecast Institute, Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, Tianjin 300191
  • Received:2022-02-14 Online:2022-06-05 Published:2022-07-08

Abstract: [Purpose/Significance] As rural entrepreneurship advances continually, exploring the impact of agricultural information services on entrepreneurial performance is of great significance for accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and driving rural entrepreneurship. [Method/Process] Based on the theory of information and empirical data collected via "pilot work on the monitoring and investigation of the innovation and entrepreneurship of rural", this paper takes new professional farmers as the research object and constructs a panel threshold model with the level of agricultural information service supply as the threshold variable. With the model, the influence mechanism of agricultural information service supply level on entrepreneurial performance of new professional farmers is explored to reveal the relationships between agricultural information services and entrepreneurial performance. [Results/Conclusions] Results show that the impact of agricultural information services on the entrepreneurial performance of new professional farmers is not a simple linear relationship, but a non-linear one with a "single threshold" effect. When service supply crossed the "threshold level", the promotion effect was weakened by 43.6%. It confirms that information technology productivity paradox also existed in the development process of rural entrepreneurship. Therefore, strategies of agricultural information service supply can be formulated according to actual conditions to avoid excessive investment. At the same time, measures such as improving the quality of farmer education and accelerating the construction of rural entrepreneurship infrastructure can be combined to achieve an effective improvement on the quality of rural entrepreneurship.

Key words: entrepreneurship performance, information service, supply level, threshold model, new professional farmers, information poverty alleviation, farmer entrepreneurship

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